5 Tips for a Sober Thanksgiving

Alcohol Cravings

5 Tips for a Sober Thanksgiving

Alcohol Cravings
Sober Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is upon us! Like many, you are probably looking forward to a big dinner, spending time with the family, a short work week and shopping. In the midst of family time, shopping and eating, you may find that you may have to fight your cravings to drink. Holidays are a common time when we turn to alcohol to celebrate or help with the anxiety that arises during the holiday season. Here are some tips that can help deter you from your alcohol cravings.

5 Tips to Curb Cravings for Alcohol:

  1. Contact your support group: Let your support group know where you’re going and your concerns so they can be available to answer your call or come pick you up (if necessary). By having them on standby, they can be there to offer advice and support if you are struggling, giving you strength in numbers.
  2. The buddy system: Consider taking a sober friend to any Thanksgiving gathering that will be serving alcohol. This way, you can talk to your sober friend throughout the evening. They will encourage and help you through the cravings.
  3. Keep your glass full: When you arrive at the dinner, keep your cup full of a nonalcoholic beverage. Have your buddy or the host keep your drink refilled to avoid the temptation at the drink station.
  4. Talk to the host: Don’t be embarrassed to let the host know about your recovery. They will probably accommodate you and provide a selection of non-alcoholic beverages. If you’re not sure about what they will serve at the party, you can always bring your own non-alcoholic drinks.
  5. Exit plan: Don’t feel that you have to stay the entire time at the Thanksgiving event. If you are feeling uncomfortable, then thank the host for a lovely time and leave. It’s better to leave than to stay and risk drinking.

The temptation to drink may be strong, especially since you will be in a festive spirit. Don’t let this come between you and your sobriety.

How do you resist your alcohol cravings during the holidays? Share with us below or on Recovery Connection’s Facebook page. Your techniques might help someone else this Thanksgiving.