The Twelve Steps of Recovery Infographic

The Twelve Steps of Recovery Infographic October 11, 2011 The 12 Steps of Recovery are considered the corner stone of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 Step programs modeled on the AA program. These steps were developed early in the growth of AA by AA members. The steps were develop to help people suffering from alcoholism

Pregnancy and Addiction Infographic

Pregnancy and Addiction Infographic January 31, 2012 Alcoholism and drug addiction destroys lives. If you are pregnant and using you should seek help from a health care professional now. The pregnant woman’s body shares everything she consumes with the developing fetus. The risks to pregnancy from addiction are serious and the statistics are staggering, but

Ecstasy Effects and History

Ecstasy Effects and History April 11, 2012 Ecstasy is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, initiating feelings of warmth, lowered inhibitions, perceptual distortions, euphoria and increased energy. These feelings wear off rapidly, leaving the user craving more ecstasy and increasing the likelihood of overdosing. Individuals who use the amphetamine ecstasy typically attend raves and clubs, putting

Alcohol Facts

Alcohol Facts August 21, 2012 Alcohol is a widely abused substance. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2010, 15.0 million people abused or had a dependence on alcohol. Many people are addicted to alcohol; however, the amount of people that actually receive treatment for alcoholism is not high. Oftentimes, an

What is Dual Diagnosis?

What is Dual Diagnosis? October 23, 2012 Drug and alcohol addiction affects 22.1 million people in the United States. For some addicts, their struggle is more complicated. Research shows that half of all addicts have at least one mental illness and are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol at the same time, which is called dual

Bizarre Buzz and Extreme Drinking

Bizarre Buzz and Extreme Drinking November 14, 2012 Most people just drink alcohol, but for some, it doesn’t stop there. This infographic outlines the “imaginative” ways people are using alcohol. Finding new ways to ingest alcohol is not time well spent. Whether you drink alcohol or snort it through your nose, you will still have

Drug Slang Decoded

Drug Slang Decoded January 17, 2013 The language of drugs has evolved since the beginning of drug addiction. Users and addicts have been coming up with clever ways to talk about drug use without being explicit. The comical drug slang references help mask the severity of drug addiction. The side effects of drugs can have