The Opioid Epidemic & The Fight Against Big Pharma

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On May 9th, Democratic and Republican lawmakers from the House Energy and Commerce Oversight subcommittee grilled pharmaceutical companies over their negligent oversight of opioid distribution in Appalachia. Past and current executives from five prominent pharmaceutical companies answered questions about pill dumping in West Virginia, the state with one of the highest amounts of opioid overdose

What is Behind the Rising Heroin Fatalities in Florida?

Examining the Rising Heroin Fatalities in Florida

What is Behind the Rising Heroin Fatalities in Florida? The heroin plague continues to ravage Florida. In 2014, there were more heroin fatalities in Florida than ever before. The Florida Medical Examiner’s office released a study reporting 447 heroin fatalities in 2014. This shocking number more than doubles the heroin death toll of 199 from

Heroin Addiction in the New Jersey Suburbs

Troubling Heroin Addiction Prevalence in Suburban New Jersey

Heroin Addiction in the New Jersey Suburbs People living in New Jersey are being crushed beneath the weight of opioid addiction. And the problem isn’t limited to isolated urban areas either. Heroin addiction and prescription opiate abuse have spread across all demographics in recent years, enveloping affluent suburbs and remote rural areas alike in their

Toronto Mayor Admits Smoking Crack

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Toronto Mayor Admits Smoking Crack After months of denials, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has admitted to smoking crack, in the latest chapter of a saga that puts the city’s residents in a place that seems all too familiar to loved ones of people struggling with alcohol or drugs. In May, staffers from Gawker and the

Killing to Save?

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Killing to Save? What are you willing to do to save a group of people you care for? Using the same poison that is killing your loved ones and shortening the lives of whole generations to fund the solution sounds extreme. For the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, this is a risk they