Champion Dopers

Drugs and Olympic Sports

The Olympics offers a vast collection of exciting sports and the most talented athletes on Earth. What you may not know is that there are certain sports in which athletes are notorious for taking substances to boost their performance. Here are the top 10 most drug-fueled sports at the Olympics. The substances taken might surprise

NFL Plagued with DUIs

NFL DUIs on the Rise

NFL Plagued with DUIs It seems that every month a NFL player is being arrested for a DUI. With all of these players getting in trouble, they must be getting sanctioned by the NFL, right? Well, not quite. It appears that NFL players are just paying their way out of their DUIs without fixing the

Olympic Heroes Fall from Grace

Crystal Cox Loses Gold Medal

Olympic Heroes Fall from Grace Competing at the Olympics is a dream for many athletes and winning a medal is the pinnacle of their athletic careers. Some athletes go the extra mile to prepare themselves to perform in this worldwide arena. However, for some athletes, that extra mile means doping up for the games. Anabolic

Adele Discloses about Alcohol Abuse

Adele and Alcohol Problem

Grammy winning singer Adele is best known for her amazing soulful voice and songs. However, her life has not been an easy one as she has experienced heartbreak. In an upcoming biography coming out soon, Adele admits that she had a serious alcohol problem in the past. Her drinking became such a problem that it

Charlie Sheen to Start Fresh in Anger Management

Charlie Sheen in Anger Management

  FX’s new series, Anger Management, premieres later this month.  The series stars Charlie Sheen who ironically has been in the news for his own anger management, cocaine abuse and domestic violence issues. A recent New York Times article mentions Sheen’s “history of substance abuse, rehabilitation and relapses” and even quotes the actor himself saying

Bath Salts Banned Nationwide

Nationwide Ban on Bath Salts

Finally, legislation has been passed banning bath salts nationwide. U.S. Senator Chris Coons states in an ABC news article, “Dangerous drugs like bath salts are terrorizing our communities and destroying lives.  Stricter measures must be taken to stem the growing prevalence of bath salts and other new designer drugs.” The massive attention about bath salt

From the Jersey Shore to Rehab

Drug Rehab for Mike Sorrentino

From the Jersey Shore to Rehab According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the estimated number of emergency department visits involving nonmedical use of benzodiazepines increased 89 percent nationwide between 2004 and 2008 and that number is rising at an alarming rate. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, from the reality TV show, “The