Whitney Houston’s Autopsy Reveals Relapse

Whitney Houston Crack Cocaine Addiction

Whitney Houston’s Autopsy Reveals Relapse We all watched as Oprah Winfrey interviewed Whitney Houston’s family about her struggle with cocaine addiction and the events that led up to her death in February of this year. Statements were made regarding Houston’s ongoing addiction issues with or without Bobby Brown being in the picture. Since Houston’s family

Does Rapid Opiate Detox Work?

  Rapid opiate detox is a relatively new procedure used to help those with serious opiate addictions. Drug detox can be dangerous and painful, both emotionally and physically. If an addict is attempting to detox in the privacy of his or her own home, or the addict is going through outpatient drug detox, the risk

Whitney Houston: Death Surrounded by Controversy and Substance Abuse

Whitney Houston and Substance Abuse

Whitney Houston: Death Surrounded by Controversy and Substance Abuse Whitney Elizabeth Houston 1963-2012 Speculation surrounds the death of icon Whitney Houston after her long history of substance abuse. She began her career singing gospel and modeling and was signed to Arista’s record label after being discovered by Clive Davis. Houston had already had a legendary

Muscle Relaxant Soma – Newest Drug Seen in Emergency Rooms


Muscle Relaxant Soma – Newest Drug Seen in Emergency Rooms According to a November press release by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, carisoprodol also known as Soma, Soprodal, and Vanadom have been the cause of increasing emergency room visits from 15,830 in 2004 to 31,763 visits in 2009. The Soma brand of

Breathtaking Facts on Prescription Painkillers

prescription drugs

1.       Prescription painkillers cause more deaths than traffic accidents. People who are prescribed a high dosage of pain medication are at a higher risk of death. In 2008, roughly 37,500 people died from the damage that is caused by long chronic prescription drug abuse. 2.       60% of young adults who abuse prescription drugs tried them

ASAM Voices Opinion on Medical Marijuana

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The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) confirmed its opinion that marijuana should not be used for medical purposes.  They believe that currently there isn’t sufficient evidence that it is beneficial to use medical marijuana. In addition, the National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) also issued a statement saying that they are