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A man holds his wife's hand during an intervention for her alcoholism

How do you do an intervention for an alcoholic?

You’re worried nonstop. In fact, you’ve been worried for a very long time now. ...

A young woman gives her drug addicted husband an ultimatum

How do i stop enabling a drug addict?

Does this scenario feel familiar? Someone you love has a drug addiction. You’ve tried ...

Young man, high on meth, leaning on a wall

How addictive is methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine is one of the most popular street drugs. Unfortunately, it’s also one of ...

Drug addicted man thinking on a train ride

How does a drug addict think differently than a non-addict?

For someone who has never had a serious drug problem, it can be dubious ...

A drug addicted man sits with his girlfriend on the beach

How do addicts tend to behave in relationships?

Being in a close relationship with an addict can be difficult – even if ...

people on a busy sidewalk

5 Common Myths About Addiction

Throughout the history of humanity, mind-altering substances have been used in various forms in ...

closeup of male and female holding hands on a couch

Addiction is a Family Disease

In my family, addiction is as commonplace as dishes in the sink or Sunday ...

tree in the shape or a head with leaves blowing

Is Addiction a Disease or a Choice?

Diseased or degenerate? Perceptions about the nature of substance use disorders hindered treatment for ...

young family holding hands walking through nature

How Addiction and Genetics are Related

Do you know anyone who seems to have addiction coursing through their veins? They ...