Kava and Kratom: Buyer Beware

kava kratom purple lotus bar

Kava and Kratom: Buyer Beware A couple in Florida is suing a kava bar, claiming that the drinks they bought there got them addicted to kava and kratom. The Purple Lotus Kava Bar in West Palm Beach sells several drinks advertised as ‘kava with a little kick’ or ‘kava with a serious kick.’ Their website,

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness

fasd awareness day

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness One of the unintended consequences of alcohol abuse among women can continue for generations, in the form of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). Women who drink alcohol during pregnancy risk many disabilities and behavioral problems for their babies, problems that can continue into adulthood. FASD is a major problem, noticed

Surviving Going Back to School

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As summer winds down, flocks of college students migrate back to their sleepy college towns and nest in their new dorm rooms for the next school year. The routine of going to class, studying, completing projects, having internships and extracurricular activities and maintaining a social life becomes overwhelming and stressful for students. Many students have

Climbing Out of the Depths of Addiction

wes Bentley drug use

Society looks at the lives of Hollywood actors with awe. You might imagine star-studded parties, red carpets and working on incredible films to be a wonderful part of these stars’ everyday lives. However, some actors don’t revel in the limelight and have trouble dealing with the lifestyle. For actor Wes Bentley, fame and fortune were

Punished for a Disease?

prison is no drug rehab

Punished for a Disease? If you were ever arrested for your drug use or for a DUI, you probably were court-ordered to go to addiction treatment. However, if you have gotten in trouble with the law repeatedly, there was probably less patience and prison time got longer. Punishing people who are sick doesn’t seem to

Killing to Save?

alcoholism pine ridge Indians

Killing to Save? What are you willing to do to save a group of people you care for? Using the same poison that is killing your loved ones and shortening the lives of whole generations to fund the solution sounds extreme. For the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, this is a risk they

5 Warning Signs of a Relapse

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When you first got into treatment, the thought of never touching alcohol and drugs again was daunting. However, as the days went on, you progressed and before you knew it you were out in the “real world.” Life outside the safe haven of rehab might have seemed overwhelming again, but you went to meetings, met

Love Life on the Rocks

effects of alcohol on love life

Love Life on the Rocks? How many times have you met someone you really liked, gone out for drinks, had a one-night stand and never heard from him or her again? Perhaps you didn’t even get the chance to get intimate, but you did get drunk with that person. You may think that you become