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Alcohol Detox: The First Step in Alcohol Treatment Centers

Alcohol Detox and Treatment

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Alcohol Detox and Treatment

Alcohol addiction can take over your life. For an alcoholic, drinking is no longer a fun activity to engage in, it becomes a tedious task. An alcoholic’s dependence has taken a hold over their body and will not let go without making him/her regret their decision of abstaining. Once the alcoholic is alcohol dependent, withdrawal symptoms are hiding and waiting to jump out and attack the alcoholic. Alcohol withdrawal is very painful and dangerous. Once faced with withdrawal symptoms, the alcoholic has two options:

  1. Continue drinking to avoid pain and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms but continue doing damage to their bodies.
  2.  Undergo an alcohol detox. Alcohol detox can help the alcoholic transition into a life of sobriety.

Alcohol detox eliminates toxins in the body caused by excessive amounts of alcohol. The length of the detox process can vary between 3-7 days depending on the individual and the seriousness of their alcohol dependence. During alcohol detox, the addict will be monitored by doctors, nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists to ensure that the addict is detoxing safely and comfortably and addressing any physical, mental or psychiatric issue or distress that may arise. An addict that decides to detox from alcohol at home is facing pain and danger as medical and psychological issues may arise putting the addict at great risk, including death.

Completing alcohol detox is just the beginning in alcohol treatment centers. After the alcohol detox process is completed, the alcoholic will move onto inpatient alcohol rehab. The addict will then begin to work on addressing the root of their addiction and learn coping strategies that will help them deal with triggers that lead to their drinking. At Recovery Connection, alcoholics can be linked with quality alcohol rehab centers with alcohol detox programs. Take the first step and call 866-812-8231 to begin your road to recovery today.


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