When Is Alcohol Rehab the Solution?

When Is Alcohol Rehab the Solution?

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When Is Alcohol Rehab the Solution?

When Is Alcohol Rehab the Solution?
When Is Alcohol Rehab the Solution?

In the morning you drink to avoid the shakes. In the afternoon you drink because of stress and frustration. In the evening you drink because it helps you sleep. Sound familiar?

What Does an Alcoholic Look Like?

You may have an image of an alcoholic as a low life, poor and mentally disturbed individual. However, many of those who seek alcohol rehab are normal functioning people just like you.

Alcoholics who enter a drug and alcohol rehab are usually high functioning, as depicted in our video. They have a job, a roof over their heads, provide food for their families and seem to have it all together. What many people don’t see is the chaos happening on the inside. Hiding your alcohol addiction will only create more problems later. Soon you will not be able to manage your job, family or finances and it will become increasingly difficult to hide the real issue: Alcoholism.

Alcohol Affects Your Judgment

In the video, you see the typical day of an alcoholic. Drinking skews your judgment in decision-making, communication and distorts your thought process. When alcohol is involved, you take chances and create risky situations, which you would normally not do.

How many times when drinking:

  • Have you driven under the influence?
  • Gotten in trouble for public intoxication?
  • Embarrassed yourself in front of family, friends and co-workers?

You may try to excuse them, but these humiliations all link back to your drinking. By the time you begin to have negative consequences from drinking alcohol, you may already be an alcoholic and the solution is alcohol rehab.

Alcohol rehab is the solution if you experience these consequences:

  • Frequent arguments
  • Feeling misunderstood
  • Lack of energy
  • Memory problems
  • Problems with employment
  • Frequently late or absent from work
  • Relationship trouble
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Health complications
  • Blood pressure issues
  • Gout
  • Liver problems
  • Legal Issues

For all these reasons you continue drinking alcohol morning, noon and night. You feel like you are owned by alcohol, which relieves the very symptoms it creates. It feels like you are drowning and no one is throwing you a lifeline to help. Recovery Connection understands the power alcohol has over you and will help you find the best alcohol detox and rehab center to comfortably eliminate alcohol from your life.

Start Fresh and Go to Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol rehab starts with alcohol detox, where doctors are equipped to help you stop drinking comfortably, eliminating all the physical reasons you need alcohol. Medications to help ease alcohol withdrawal symptoms are administered during this time. After the physical discomfort is removed, you can overcome your alcohol dependence and learn how to manage problems life throws at you without using alcohol.