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Hi, I am Andy! I was born in Bogota, Colombia, but raised in Los Angeles, California. I am now 8 years clean (almost nine!). Since then I have took full control of my life, started to help others with their recovery, and I also have been working on improving my online business.

Website: http://andrewmacia.com/
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How Finding My Passion Has Helped Me Stay Sober for 8 Years

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How Finding My Passion Has Helped Me Stay Sober for 8 Years   Addiction is a life wasted. Sobriety is that life reversed, turned around. Not a quote, my words.   My name is Andy and the last eight and a half years of my life have been sober ones. It hasn’t been easy, to say

Overcoming Addiction Led Me to Heaven

Overcoming Addiction Led Me to Heaven Carrie Fisher once said “Sometimes you can only find Heaven by slowly backing away from Hell” and I agree wholeheartedly. Getting to sobriety has been one of the most difficult paths I have ever taken, and staying sober has been difficult as well, but incredibly rewarding. My name is