About Kelley Kitley, LCSW

Kelley Kitley is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice and owner of SERENDIPITOUS PSYCHOTHERAPY, LLC in downtown Chicago. She has been a featured Expert Contributor in The Wall Street Journal, Shape, SELF, Huffington Post, Women’s Health Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Parent Magazine, and dozens more. She is also an author for Fitness Magazine. Kelley is recognized as an International Women’s Mental Health Expert specializing in postpartum issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationships. Her autobiography titled My Self is scheduled to be released in March 2017. Her website is https://www.kelleykitley.com/.

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Tips for Managing Anxiety

Meditation Mountain Sunset

Everyone has experienced some form of anxiety in their life. Whether it be nervousness before an exam or job interview, a first date, or speaking in public, it’s a relatable feeling. We live in a fast paced environment with many responsibilities and we try to manage multiple things at once. There’s an unspoken expectation that