About Marilyn Spiller

Author, Marilyn Spiller is a writer, speaker, sober coach and recovery advocate with a 20-year history of international hobnobbing and outrageous over-drinking. Five years sober, she writes a popular blog called Waking Up the Ghost, and acts as the Executive Director of Marketing for Sanford House at John Street, Sanford House at Cherry Street, and the Sanford House Outpatient Center.

Marilyn Spiller has written 15 articles so far, you can find them below.

Holiday Sober Gift Giving

When I was in college, I had a boyfriend whose family owned an enormous above ground mushroom farm. It seemed, while walking through their rambling family farmhouse, that everyone they had ever known had given them gifts that pertained to mushrooms, toadstools or any facsimile thereof. There were tea-cozy mushrooms, bar stools shaped like morels,

What is Rock Bottom?

I write a sobriety blog, so people ask me all the time, “What was your rock bottom? What happened to make you quit drinking?” I’m pretty sure they expect a story that involves waking in a hotel room in Nassau with no recollection of having boarded a plane, or crawling battered from a muddy ditch