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What is SMART Recovery

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What may work for some, will not work for others – finding a system that works for you is crucial to treating your substance use disorder. Some people seeking treatment often say they find the 12-Step program challenging because of the religious or spiritual aspect of the program. They struggle to connect and engage when

What is CBD Oil? Unraveling the Mystery

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Cannabidiol, better known as CBD oil, has become an accepted natural alternative for a variety of health-related issues. Its use as a substitute for over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs has been rapidly growing over the last few years. Unlike most supplements, it can be used for a broad range of issues such as lowering high blood pressure

Texas Professional Recovery Network

nurse in blue scrubs from the Texas Professional Recovery Network standing in a hospital setting

The Texas Professional Recovery Network (PRN) with the Texas Pharmacy Association was founded in 1981 to serve impaired pharmacists. Since then, PRN has expanded its network to include pharmacy students, dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, veterinarians, and optometrists. PRN provides monitoring and advocacy services for professionals in these fields who may be impaired to practice.