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Sarah Hemli has worked with both children and adults with special challenges based on her degree in human development and special needs. As a foster Mom she loved and cared for children from traumatic backgrounds and lived with the affects neglect and abuse had had on them. She became a resource parent training others to understand the effects of trauma and the special parenting it requires. Several years into her work she decided to deal with her own trauma history. In her book Remember to Forget she shares her journey to offer hope of healing and life to others. Sarah lives with her 3 adopted kids and their 3 cats.

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The Other Side is For Real

The Other Side is For Real I was very aware of people. I had to keep them at a distance. At the same time, a part of me so desperately wanted to be seen and known— the scared, lonely, honest part of me. But I played it safe. Stay hidden and keep people at a