Born Alcoholic

Father holding his new born baby

Born Alcoholic

Alcoholism is a disease that people can be genetically predisposed to. Research demonstrates that some individuals are more inclined to struggle with this disease than others. Studies show that children of alcoholics have the same brain activity as family members which can put them at higher risk to develop alcoholism later in life.

The Texas Biomedical Research Institute tested 1,064 people throughout the United States whose family has a history of alcoholism. Their brain waves were extensively studied and there was a correlation between a person’s drinking patterns and their serotonin level. The same research found that the ability to metabolize alcohol also plays a determining factor in whether or not someone is susceptible to alcoholism.

Other studies have suggested that addiction is 50% due to a genetic predisposition and 50% due to poor coping skills.

Because addiction is not a conversation that many families have, some don’t even know if addiction runs through their family’s blood line.

Just because addiction runs in a family doesn’t mean someone has to fall into its trap. Many have come from addicted families and have not suffered from alcohol abuse or drug addiction themselves. The coping skills that a person has with the trials and tribulations that occur in everyday life plays a key factor in how susceptible one is to addiction.

Everyone has the potential to become addicted to drugs and alcohol. If someone does become addicted for whatever reasons, it does not have to be the end all. With proper help, guidance and support many have been able to overcome their addictions and lead a happy, productive and meaningful lives.