Top Ten Alcohol Myths


Top Ten Alcohol Myths Myth: Alcohol improves my sexual performance Fact:  It is a proven fact that alcohol interferes with a person’s ability to sexually perform. Not to mention that alcohol and risky behavior go hand in hand increasing the chances of pregnancy, AIDS, STI’s, and sexual assault… Myth: Alcohol isn’t dangerous. Fact: One out

Breathtaking Facts on Prescription Painkillers

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1.       Prescription painkillers cause more deaths than traffic accidents. People who are prescribed a high dosage of pain medication are at a higher risk of death. In 2008, roughly 37,500 people died from the damage that is caused by long chronic prescription drug abuse. 2.       60% of young adults who abuse prescription drugs tried them

Does Rapid Opiate Detox Work?

  Rapid opiate detox is a relatively new procedure used to help those with serious opiate addictions. Drug detox can be dangerous and painful, both emotionally and physically. If an addict is attempting to detox in the privacy of his or her own home, or the addict is going through outpatient drug detox, the risk

Prescription Pill Abuse Among the Suburbs

The perception that suburban areas are insulated from problems like drug and alcohol abuse is slowly fading. As more and more people outside the city find themselves facing chronic pain and disease, they head to the doctor for help. Visiting the doctor after a car accident, back injury or for chronic migraines might result in

Alcohol Detox and Withdrawal

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  Alcoholism is a debilitating disease that is as powerful as drug addiction. Help is likely needed to stop drinking. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be eased when detoxing from alcohol occurs in a medically supervised facility. Untreated symptoms can be life threatening. It is best to transition into a treatment facility directly after you complete the

How Addiction and Genetics are Related

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Do you know anyone who seems to have addiction coursing through their veins? They come from a long line of alcoholics, drug addicts or gamblers, and it’s almost as if they’re destined to become addicts themselves. But is addiction genetic, learned behavior or something else entirely? Let’s explore the connection between addiction and genetics. Genetics

Surviving Going Back to School

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As summer winds down, flocks of college students migrate back to their sleepy college towns and nest in their new dorm rooms for the next school year. The routine of going to class, studying, completing projects, having internships and extracurricular activities and maintaining a social life becomes overwhelming and stressful for students. Many students have