Can’t Fight Love – Safety Net Catches Sober Community

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What is Sober Living Like? Here is a story about one facility that can tell you what to expect. Ever thought about being an acrobat? Does the thought of being an acrobat scare you to death? What if you knew without a doubt, that the safety net would catch you? No problem at all, right? Well, that

Best Detox Centers In Florida

Best Detox Centers in Florida

To overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you have to stop using them altogether. While there’s no question that a supervised detox is integral to the safety and success of patients, there can also be an overwhelming number of choices. Finding the best detox centers in Florida means understanding more about what’s available and

What Is Drug Addiction Treatment?

What Is Drug Addiction Treatment? Whether you buy illegal drugs on the street or you are prescribed painkillers or sedatives by your physician, you can quickly become an addict. If you are having trouble going to work, being at home without using drugs or just living life, drug treatment is right for you. What Is

What is a Substance Abuse Counselor?

What is a Substance Abuse Counselor? There are several classifications of addiction treatment staff. To be a licensed or certified substance abuse counselor, the therapist must possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree and have experience in addiction and substance abuse counseling. According to the U.S. Department of Labor: “A behavioral disorder and substance abuse counselor

An Explanation of Hypnotherapy

An Explanation of Hypnotherapy Many people have a general misconception about hypnosis. They tend to think of the high energy stage performer who jokes around and makes people quack like ducks. While hypnosis is often used as a form of entertainment at corporate events, night clubs and on cruise ships, true clinical hypnotherapy is a