Dangers and Effects of Hallucinogens

Dangers and Effects of Hallucinogens February 27, 2013 Do hallucinogens sound just harmless and strange? They may not be. Disorders like psychosis and hallucinogen persistent perception disorder can occur as a result of using hallucinogens. Every single time you decide to ‘trip’ you risk damaging your mental health permanently. Check our infographic below and find

Drinking Holidays

Drinking Holidays March 15, 2013 Which holidays do you drink alcohol? Our infographic outlines that top holidays associated with alcohol. Check out our infographic to see which holidays are the biggest for alcohol and how they got that way.  

Is Your Loved One an Alcoholic?

Is Your Loved One an Alcoholic? April 10, 2013 Your loved one’s drinking makes you wonder and worry. It’s difficult to stand back and watch someone destroy their health and life. You want to say something, but are you overreacting? Check out the questions on our new infographic. You can get a better understanding of

Who’s Getting High at Work?

Who’s Getting High at Work? May 22, 2013 Using alcohol or drugs in your personal life can easily find its way into your professional life. It does for many people. The infographic below will open your eyes to the incidence of drug use at work and its impact on those who use it. Find out

The Early Years of Drugs

The Early Years of Drugs July 10, 2013 Do you know the history of heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, PCP and MDMA? At some point before they were illegal these drugs had some legitimate uses. Take some time to learn about the early years of these common illegal drugs and see when they became regulated. The facts

Strange Ways to Get High

Strange Ways to Get High August 21, 2013 From dangerous to plain disgusting, people have been finding bizarre and obscure ways to get high for centuries. It makes you wonder how people come up with these ideas. Learn about the strange ways some people get high. It’ll shock you!