Isolation: The Curse of the Addict

Isolation: The Curse of the Addict There is a saying in recovery rooms which states, “Addiction is the only disease that tells you that you are alright.” One of the behaviors of addicts in recovery is the propensity toward isolation. Most people involved in recovery understand the role of meetings, support groups, therapy and spiritual

Find Support for Addiction in 12-Step Programs

Find Support for Addiction in 12-Step Programs The reality for someone who suffers from alcohol abuse is if they don’t take the first drink then they will not get drunk. This action is easier said than done. When it comes to alcoholism, the suffering person spends the vast majority of their time thinking about when

Sober Living at College

Sober Living at College College students who complete a drug and alcohol rehab program, or have entered recovery, are anxious about returning to college life which is surrounded by relapse triggers, as well as many people who are entering college for the first time who have had a drug and alcohol problem. Many times students

What Keeps You Sober?

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What Keeps You Sober? After going to rehab, you need to find something that will help you keep focused and balanced. Many people rely on AA meetings to help them keep in check. If they feel like they are slipping, they can rely on the fellowship. Although this is a popular option, this is not

Making Amends and Securing Ongoing Recovery

Recovery from Addiction

Making Amends and Securing Ongoing Recovery There was a blog in the Huffington Post recently addressing the issue of amends. Speaking of active addictive behavior the writer described himself as one who didn’t take responsibility for his actions, who was subject to the thoughts of others for his understanding of self, thereby leaving himself vulnerable

Drop That Last Vice: Quit Smoking

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Drop That Last Vice: Quit Smoking November 21 marks the Great American Smokeout, the 38th time that the American Cancer Society has sponsored the day. ACS offers the day as a target for smokers to quit. For one day, but ideally, forever. The list of diseases that smoking causes is long and the list of

Recovery Month

Recovery Month Every September, SAMHSA sponsors Recovery Month to increase awareness and understanding of mental and substance use disorders and celebrate the people who recover. {SAMHSA is the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration} Addressing the real problem, bringing real change In honor of Recovery Month, I’ll celebrate 5 years of sobriety in November.