Step Six: Acting in Desperation

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Step Six, in my opinion, is just as closely associated with Step Five as Step Four is. I say this because Step Five and Six are heavy steps. You’re looking at everything you’ve done wrong from start to finish and coming to terms with it. I spent about five hours putting down into writing what

Step 6: Becoming a New Person

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This step is actually one of the shortest steps in The Big Book because it’s a pretty simple step. My sponsor told me all I needed to do was literally be ready to have my Higher Power remove my defect of character. Step 4 and 5 help you figure out what your defects of character are,

Step Five: A Fresh Start

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Step Five is really the first where you must admit to an external entity how your life was affected by your powerlessness over alcohol. After turning over every stone in Step Four and creating an all-encompassing moral inventory, you share the wholehearted truth down to the core of your being with your sponsor without fear