Drug Addiction Resources

Drug Addiction Resources

Addiction Resources

For those seeking help for themselves or their loved ones, making an educated decision about something that is life-changing (or life-saving) is important. Use our addiction resources library to help yourself make an informed decision. The links below can provide the answers to urgently asked questions.

Substance Abuse Statistics By State
Each state provides leadership for alcohol and drug addiction prevention and abuse statistics. Here you’ll find overviews of issues relating to drug and alcohol addiction in each state, ranging from most common drugs used, alcohol and drug statistics, and addiction resources.

Acronyms of Addiction, Treatment, Recovery and Organizations
There are many acronyms that counselors and drug rehab facilities use in addiction treatment to describe levels of care, medications, support groups, online resources and mental health disorders. This list is a collection of the different types of acronyms used in addiction treatment. While reading information on this site, you can refer to the list for clarification of terms.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Tools
Recovery tools are helpful to aid you in sober living. They help us throughout the day and give us reminders of why we embarked in the journey of sobriety. It is important to remain consistent in your daily routine regarding sober living. Tools such as our sobriety calculator and inspirational quotes are to encourage you in your process of recovery.

Addiction & Recovery Articles
More data on addiction, substance abuse treatment, mental health disorders and recovery can easily be addressed through this series of articles. The information provided in these articles can help you understand the dynamic relationship between alcohol, drugs, addictive behavior, as well as the place of detox and addiction treatment.

Medication Treatment for Substance Abuse and Dual Diagnosis
While there are hundreds of medications abused by addicts and many medications used in the treatment of mental health disorders, there are commonly used drugs to treat dual diagnosis disorders. This section provides the reader with a glimpse of the drugs used in comprehensive, integrated dual diagnosis treatment centers.

Addiction and Eating Disorders
The ever growing number of people suffering from substance abuse and eating disorders is growing. Understanding the relationship between dual diagnosis (mental health issues and substance abuse) can provide insight into the various eating disorders that plague sufferers.

Guides on Addiction and Recovery
There are a vast range of issues confronting individuals who are seeking alcohol and drug treatment. These issues are sometimes cultural, sometimes financial and sometimes emotional. In every instance, these guides provide the reader with pertinent information to make an appropriate treatment choice.

Addiction Infographics
Understanding the depth and breadth of addiction’s impact upon the body, the family and society can be daunting. Visual images designed to point out key factors can provide readers with easy access to information.

Other Addictions
Addiction can take many forms. Many times, those who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse will also engage in other addictive behaviors. Sometimes, people suffer from addictive behaviors without substance abuse. Either way, treatment that addresses the specific addiction is necessary to help the addict halt the progression of the disease of addiction and rebuild his or her life

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