5 Steps to Improving Mental Health with Yoga

woman performing yoga in an urban setting

Yoga isn’t just a passing trend fueled by branded yoga pants and fitness fashion. In fact, the practice has been passed down through generations for over 5,000 years. Throughout history, yoga has represented many different ideas, beliefs, and practices that often contradict each other but the foundation of physical and spirituality activities for inward and

Does Drug Addiction Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits?

woman searching online for social security disability benefits for drug addiction complications

If you have struggled with drug addiction and it has led to complications, you may be eligible to qualify for disability benefits. Your addiction alone does not qualify you for benefits, but the complications that result from that addiction do. What Programs are Available The Social Security Administration (SSA) oversees two disability programs, Social Security

What is a Recovery Coach?

woman and her recovery coach sitting by a campfire in the woods

A Recovery Coach, also known as a Sober Coach, is a generic term that covers many different roles. They provide invaluable support for people trying to overcome their compulsive, obsessive, destructive behaviors. A Recovery Coach is a kind of “Life Coach” that helps clients make smart choices and healthy decisions, with the number-one priority being