From the NBA to Drug Rehab

From the NBA to Drug Rehab

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From the NBA to Drug Rehab

Chris Herren was a legend in the basketball crazed town Fall River, Massachusetts. Herren was the champion of his high school basketball team and went on to be recruited by the top college basketball programs in the country. He decided to stay in his hometown and attend Boston College where he broke his wrist in his first game. After he broke his wrist the wheels started to fall off for Herren. He found himself with too much free time and started to party more and more. It was at Boston College where he was introduced to Cocaine for the first time.

After three months of being a student at Boston College Herren was kicked out for continuous failed drug tests. He was given a second chance in Las Vegas at Fresno State where he shined as their star point guard but would again struggle with drugs. He went to drug rehab for 28 days and came back to school and basketball. Herren wasn’t ready to stay sober.

Herren would leave Fresno State and be drafted by the Denver Nuggets. From there the Fall River Legend was traded to the Boston Celtics where he would play for the Boston Celtics. It was with the Celtics where Herren would become addicted to Oxycontin. From that point on Herren became a journeyman playing in different professional basketball leagues around the world. No matter where he went his addiction followed.

He would eventually end up living back in his hometown of Fall River working odd jobs and doing whatever he had to do to support his addiction. He would lie, cheat, steal and pawn everything in his house including his children’s toys.

It wasn’t until he had lost everything that Herren would get serious about his recovery. He went to a drug rehab for an extended period of time and finally became willing to take the advice of the addiction professionals. Slowly but surely he gained the trust back of his family.

Now Herren makes a living coaching and teaching basketball. More importantly he travels around the country speaking with kids, young adults and addicts who are trying to get sober. He shares his horror story of addiction hoping that he can help. Herren was finally able to make peace with his past and himself. He is a role model for anyone who struggles with the disease of addiction.