God Centered Recovery: Faith Based Drug Rehab

God Centered Recovery: Faith Based Drug Rehab

God Centered Recovery: Faith Based Drug Rehab

A faith based drug rehab offers treatment
A faith based drug rehab offers treatment

God centered recovery is a spiritual program. Many addicts and alcoholics are unfamiliar with the difference between religion and spirituality. Religion is a man made term that suggests the path to God which involves rules and regulations. Spirituality is about a personal relationship with your Higher Power and a direct connection to God. A faith based drug rehab will offer treatment for addiction utilizing the addict’s faith as part of the recovery process.

Who is God?

When choosing a Higher Power in addiction treatment, most will choose a Higher Power from their childhood. Addicts and alcoholics attribute characteristics to God based upon what they have experienced from their parents and authority figures growing up. Depending on childhood experiences, the characteristics that represent God may be loving, punishing or indifferent.

For most that go through drug addiction treatment, choosing a Higher Power is part of the process of addiction recovery. God becomes the universal word to describe a Higher Power; however, the characteristics of God are not well defined. Characteristics of a Higher Power should include:

  • Omniscient (all knowing)
  • Omnipresent (all present)
  • Omnipotent (all powerful)
  • Approachable
  • Forgiving
  • Honest
  • Capable

A spiritual connection provides support, comfort and strength for the addict throughout the recovery process.

A Christian drug rehab will emphasize these qualities when a drug addict or alcoholic is making the choice of a Higher Power. Having a firm foundation regarding God is essential in the program of recovery. The spiritual awakening discussed in the twelve steps is based upon a spiritual connection with God.

A Spiritual Relationship with God

Most people don’t realize that they need a Higher Power until addiction puts them flat on their back and the only direction left is to look up. At this point, most addicts and alcoholics will enter addiction treatment and God is seen as part of the process. By any definition and logic, anyone who does not believe in a Higher Power must believe they are the most powerful thing in the universe. However, addicts and alcoholics are powerless over drugs and alcohol.

A comprehensive drug rehab program will help the addict or alcoholic begin the process of repairing or finding spirituality through a 12 step program. Spiritual practices that will be encouraged in a faith based drug rehab are:

  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Fellowship
  • Daily spiritual readings

These practices are often carried over from addiction treatment to the addict’s personal journey through sobriety. It is helpful for the recovering addict who believes in God to remember that their recovery program is one that is based on a foundation of spirituality. Daily interactions with God are a reminder that there is a power greater than the disease of addiction. Often times the drug addict or alcoholic in recovery will stop spiritual practices which often times leads to a relapse.

Substance Abuse Breaks the Spiritual Connection

Using drugs and alcohol will make the addict feel disconnected from his or her Higher Power. Attempting to conduct a spiritual life while using drugs and alcohol can be difficult. The more the alcoholic or drug addict uses substances, the more spiritual practices will decrease.

Alcohol and drugs become the higher power in addiction. This is a toxic higher power that wants to destroy, damage, and kill the drug addict and alcoholic. This higher power is a false representation of God.

Behaviors related to substance abuse challenge the characteristics of God. Addiction behaviors and qualities become a barrier for an addict trying to reach his or her Higher Power. Some unhealthy addiction characteristics are:

  • Lying
  • Cheating
  • Stealing
  • Selfishness

An addict or alcoholic will continue to separate themselves from their Higher Power while using. The need to hide from God will only perpetuate the cycle of addiction. Remorse, guilt, shame and anger are the main feelings that prevent an alcoholic or drug addict from seeking spiritual intervention in addiction treatment. A comprehensive faith based drug rehab understands the spiritual disconnection that occurs with substance abuse and will assist with helping the drug addict or alcoholic reconnect with his or her Higher Power.