Spring Break: Where the Drinks Are

Binge Drinking on Spring Break: Where the Drinks Are March 20, 2013 Binge drinking on spring break is a common occurrence. Find out more information about alcohol, sex and the other destructive behaviors that take place during spring break in our infographic.

Drinking Holidays

Drinking Holidays March 15, 2013 Which holidays do you drink alcohol? Our infographic outlines that top holidays associated with alcohol. Check out our infographic to see which holidays are the biggest for alcohol and how they got that way.  

Dangers and Effects of Hallucinogens

Dangers and Effects of Hallucinogens February 27, 2013 Do hallucinogens sound just harmless and strange? They may not be. Disorders like psychosis and hallucinogen persistent perception disorder can occur as a result of using hallucinogens. Every single time you decide to ‘trip’ you risk damaging your mental health permanently. Check our infographic below and find

Clean and Sober Celebrities Infographic

February 21, 2013 For some people, death is a consequence of drug addiction and alcoholism. We have seen many celebrities lost to drug or alcohol abuse or suicide: Jim Morrison, Heath Ledger and Chris Farley, just to name a few. But what about the celebrities who were able to get through their addiction? Check out

Marijuana: Barely Legal but Dangerous

Marijuana: Barely Legal but Dangerous February 13, 2013 Ever curious about how dangerous marijuana really is? For some people smoking marijuana only one time can induce a psychotic break. Find out if you are one of the unlucky ones that marijuana can negatively impact and if you have marijuana dependence.

Facts on Drunk Driving and Alcohol

Facts on Drunk Driving and Alcohol January 30, 2013 How many times have you decided to drive home after a happy hour with co-workers or drinks with dinner? For most of us we think nothing of our blood alcohol level and feel that drinking water balances out our alcohol intake. What if you got a

Doing It All Through Prescription Drug Abuse

Doing It All Through Prescription Drug Abuse January 23, 2013 Women have been abusing prescription drugs throughout the years to help them deal with stress, frustration and anxiety compounded with the responsibilities of being a mom, wife and career woman.  ABC News says that in the past decade there has been a 750 percent increase

Drug Slang Decoded

Drug Slang Decoded January 17, 2013 The language of drugs has evolved since the beginning of drug addiction. Users and addicts have been coming up with clever ways to talk about drug use without being explicit. The comical drug slang references help mask the severity of drug addiction. The side effects of drugs can have