Does Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

Does Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

Does Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

Insurance and the Cost of Rehab
Insurance and the Cost of Rehab

Addiction is classified as a disease of the body and mind. As a result, addiction is treated using a medical model. An individual who suffers from the disease of addiction should seek treatment in an inpatient medical detox and drug rehab facility. Insurance typically pays for addiction treatment in these settings, especially because of the physical effects of addiction. Call 866-812-8231 today to speak with a Recovery Connection addiction specialist that will work with you and your insurance company to find the best treatment center to fit your individual needs.

Who Does Insurance Help?

The working class pays a premium for insurance, which qualifies them for certain privileges like payment for medical and mental health services. Private drug rehab payments can be costly and it is advantageous to utilize insurance benefits for addiction treatment.

Insurance covers the primary individual as well as family members if the primary individual includes them on his or her policy. Many addiction treatment centers help working addicts increase their chance of getting time off of work to attend treatment without being penalized. Many times, this is done through the use of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and/or short-term disability.

Oftentimes, young adults who are on their parents’ insurance may also be covered by insurance for addiction treatment, lowering out-of-pocket costs for the family. The average age of those who experiment with substance abuse is 18-25. Under the Affordable Care Act, these individuals are still covered until the age of 26 by their parents’ insurance. This can alleviate extra financial stress and anxiety when sending an addicted child to drug rehab.

Explanation of Insurance Benefits

Overall, there are hundreds of insurance companies that offer different types of coverage. Attempting to interpret insurance benefits without a background in healthcare can be cumbersome. Most insurance plans have a deductible, a copay, in-network providers and out of network benefits.

  • Deductible – The insurance company sets an amount that you will have to pay before your benefits kick in. This can happen both in and out of network.
  • Copay – The payment you are responsible for once your deductible is covered, if there is a deductible.
  • In-Network – Certain facilities your insurance provider contracts with to provide you care.
  • Out of Network – Facilities that have not been contracted directly with your insurance company that therefore will not be provided by your insurance company as a treatment provider. If you find a facility that is not on your insurance provider’s list, you can still use your insurance benefits to help pay for them, something that is not readily disclosed by insurance companies.

When you are searching for addiction treatment, attempting to speak with insurance company staff can lead you in circles. Calling a Recovery Connection coordinator may eliminate the distress of going through your insurance company for a list of treatment centers.

Does Health Insurance Cover Rehab?

Yes, if you pay for the privilege of having insurance, it should qualify you for drug rehab benefits. Some insurance companies may use the term “behavioral health benefit” to refer to treatment that includes mental health and substance abuse.

When you make the decision to get help for substance abuse, don’t let a lack of understanding of how insurance works keep you from getting help. Many drug rehab centers will assist you with verifying your insurance benefits.