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Is Drug Detox Enough to Stay Sober?

after drug detox

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Is Drug Detox Enough to Stay Sober?

after drug detox
Treatment After Drug Detox is the Best Next Step

Completing a drug detox program is no easy feat. It is a scary time; you are in a hospital setting, experiencing discomfort and pain and you don’t know if you are ever going to feel normal again. You may be wondering, “How did I get here? What do I do next?” The answer to the last question is the most important. What you decide to do after your time in detox can change your life.

There are two choices after completing drug detox:

  1. Go back home and try to control your cravings. You may feel physically better and may think you can go home and manage your drug addiction; all it takes is will power, right? Not really. In fact, addicts are especially vulnerable during this time. According to a study by British researchers, addicts are more likely to die from suicide or drug overdose in the first month after a hospitalization than they are a year later (21 deaths per 1,000 people after 1 month, compared to 4.2 deaths per 1,000 after 1 year).  You are not ready to tackle the complexities of addiction without proper drug addiction treatment. (Source: Foxnews.com/health…)
  1. Go to an inpatient drug rehab program. Seeking drug addiction treatment after drug detox is the next step in recovery. You will be learning the skills needed to begin the road to sobriety. This also gives you a chance to work on underlying issues that fuel your drug use. The inpatient setting is helpful because you will not have the temptations of outside stimuli. Inpatient drug rehab will build you up and prepare you for the road ahead.

Recovery Connection can help you continue the journey toward recovery by linking you with the best drug rehab centers that offer drug detox and inpatient drug rehab treatment under the same roof to ensure continuity of care. Don’t settle for less; your life depends on it. Call Recovery Connection at 866-879-6715.


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