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Love Life on the Rocks

effects of alcohol on love life

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Love Life on the Rocks?

Don’t Let Alcohol Kill Your Love Life
Don’t Let Alcohol Kill Your Love Life

How many times have you met someone you really liked, gone out for drinks, had a one-night stand and never heard from him or her again? Perhaps you didn’t even get the chance to get intimate, but you did get drunk with that person. You may think that you become a funnier, wittier and more charming version of you when you have a few drinks. However, if you continue to date unsuccessfully and drink to get drunk most of the time, the problem is the alcohol. Your liquid courage is making a mess of your love life, or your life for that matter.

Love for Alcohol Killing Your Love Life

Many people drink in social settings, but for some people drinking takes over. Drinking to get drunk every day negatively impacts your relationships. Your preoccupation with drinking gets in the way of everything and everyone around you. The more you drink, the more painful it becomes for others to watch. Sooner or later, your loved ones or people who care for you or like you have no choice but to walk away.

Aside from hurting the people who care for you, your drinking habit has clouded your judgment and led to decisions you might regret. This addiction slowly destroys your most important relationship: the one with yourself. Your drinking habit erodes your self-esteem, self-image and self-worth. If you don’t love or respect yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to.

Starting New Relationships Starts with You

Many people consider drinking alcohol to be a social activity and maybe you started drinking for the social aspect. However, when your drinking habit consumes your life, you find that you are quite lonely. Your drinking habit makes it nearly impossible to make and maintain relationships, even with yourself. Seeking treatment in alcohol rehab for your addiction problem puts you on the road to rebuilding and creating new relationships.

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