Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

Online Guide To Addiction Treatment For Healthcare Professionals

addicted-health-care-professionalYou have worked hard to obtain your professional position and now your life is crashing down around you because of alcoholism or drug addiction. You fear for your license, your position, your family. What can you do? This guide takes you through the steps you need to take to save your life and your career. Don't let fear stop you finding a solution to your addiction problems. Addiction treatment for health care professionals is available.

This guide discusses many issues confronting the addicted health care professional and the steps to take to put your life or that of a colleague back on a healthy path.

  • The Need for Treatment Exists
  • What is an Impaired Health Care Professional?
  • A Statistical View of the Problem
  • Professional Health Care & Recovery Programs
  • Dangerous Mistaken Notions about PRN Programs
  • Why Get Involved with the Impaired Health Care Professional?
  • What to Do If You Need to Refer a Colleague?
  • Impaired Nurses
  • Substance Abuse Treatment for Impaired Health Care Professionals
  • The Value of Diversion Programs

Looking For Treatment?

Call Recovery Connection confidentially at 866.812.8231 24/7. Our staff is specially trained to answer your questions about addiction treatment for healthcare professionals and help you get into treatment to begin reclaiming your life.

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