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Life in Recovery

group of happy friends finding sober things to do

Things to do Sober in the Houston Texas Area

If you are newly sober and transitioning into a life of recovery, maintaining your ...

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Paths to Recovery: One Size Does Not Fit All

There is no right or wrong way to choose recovery; everyone is traveling on ...

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Three Reasons Honesty In Recovery Is Important

Of all the moral characteristics, honesty is one of the most respected. It is ...

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Five Hobbies to Pick Up In Sobriety

One of the best methods, when moving into and sustaining sobriety, is to pick ...

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What is a Recovery Coach?

A Recovery Coach, also known as a Sober Coach, is a generic term that ...

what is hygge

What is Hygge? The Key To A Sober Holiday

What is Hygge? The Key To A Sober Holiday Hygge—roughly pronounced “HUE-guh”—is a Danish ...

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Why “Everything in Moderation” Is Still, Sometimes Too Much

You have likely heard the phrase, “everything in moderation” many times. Usually uttered while ...

Empowering Women to Recover

When clinicians are trying to help women to change, grow, and heal from addictions, ...

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6 Reasons to Surround Yourself with Sober People While In Recovery

During recovery, you will make lots of new friends who will help you stick ...