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Life in Recovery

image of the word Resilience

Resilience in Recovery

Resilience in Recovery You have survived a lot of challenges and hardships in your ...

How to Approach a Loved One Struggling with Chemical Dependency

How to Approach a Loved One Struggling with Chemical Dependency For many, there’s nothing ...

image of heart made up of the word forgive

The Power of Forgiveness in Recovery

Grace is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it. -Mark ...

Recovery Month

Recovery Month Every September, SAMHSA sponsors Recovery Month to increase awareness and understanding of ...

What are Viable Relapse Prevention Programs?

When an individual undergoes addiction treatment because of drug or alcohol abuse, everyone involved ...

image of road with an arrow point up and an arrow pointing down

Boundaries in Relationships: They’re a Two-Way Street

Boundaries in Relationships They’re a Two-Way Street You teach people how to treat you ...

What Keeps Us Sober

What Keeps Us Sober Being an active member of a recovery community, I watch ...