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Recovery Stories

man standing on the edge of a mountain cliff

Dying to Live: One Man’s Journey to Recovery

Three times. That’s how many times Clyde died over the last two months of ...

a young woman looking out over a lake

If You Are Struggling, There is Hope for Recovery

My name is Jackie and my sobriety date is 2/13/17. It took a lifetime ...

father holding his son on a lake dock

Becoming the Father I Always Wanted to Be

Addiction for me, began at a young age. Drugs and alcohol were a way ...

a mother holding her child's feet

Becoming A Sober Mom: A Mother’s Journey

My journey of recovery began when I was around sixteen-years-old. I had begun my ...

The Other Side is For Real

The Other Side is For Real I was very aware of people. I had ...

young woman in a meadow celebrating recovery

The Vaughan Rule

The Vaughan Rule Kassidy Vaughan is an addict and thanks to being a TAM ...

Daniel Montalbano: A Victim of our Broken System

Daniel Montalbano: A Victim of our Broken System As told to Sherry by Barbara ...