Did You Know Your Health Insurance Can Cover Rehab For Heroin Abuse?

Did You Know Your Health Insurance Can Cover Rehab For Heroin Abuse?

Did You Know Your Health Insurance Can Cover Rehab For Heroin Abuse?

Many patients are unaware that health insurance can cover rehab for heroin abuse, just as it covers other health conditions. This type of coverage is relatively new to policyholders, as a result of recent changes in the health insurance industry. Fortunately, if you have a health insurance policy, you may also be eligible for support paying for heroin rehab.

Specifics of Insurance Coverage of Rehab for Heroin

middle aged woman talking to her doctor about rehab for heroin addiction

In 2010, the Affordable Care Act was passed to give patients better access to healthcare under their insurance policies. Because of this, even patients without health insurance can now obtain a new policy for help to help pay for addiction treatment. Patients are no longer rejected from getting insurance due to a pre-existing condition of addiction, as they were prior to 2010.

Of course, there are some conditions that come with that coverage, as you may expect. Individual policies provide patients with details about their own specific coverage and how they can use their policy for rehab. An addiction assessment prior to entering treatment provides a basis for the insurance company to approve rehab and decide what types of programs the policy will cover.

The Patient’s Role in Using Insurance for Rehab for Heroin Recovery

Using your insurance policy for heroin rehab means that you, as the policyholder, have to do your part in treatment. The first step in doing your part is understanding your benefits and how you can use them.

Some requirements and limitations your insurance may place on your rehab coverage include:

  • Establishment of medical necessity through addiction assessment
  • Proof that the treatment can provide significant health improvement
  • Ensuring that provided services are designated treatment of heroin addiction
  • The amount that insurance will cover for treatment
  • Deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs may apply

Factors that may affect use of your insurance policy for heroin rehab include:

  • Your need for treatment
  • Medical necessity of rehab with progress updates and reevaluations
  • Rehab of the least restrictive type that will meet patient needs
  • State of residency
  • Use of the policy for treatment in the past

Recovery Connection Can Help You Find the Heroin Rehab You Need

Eight of ten people in the U.S. who need drug treatment never make the first step into rehab. Choosing to seek recovery means that you’re ready to turn your life around.

When you’re ready to seek treatment for your heroin addiction, your insurance policy will provide you with the financial strength and options you need to get better. After that, Recovery Connection will help you find the treatment you need using your insurance policy. For more information about rehab centers suited to helping you overcome heroin addiction, call Recovery Connection at 866-812-8231.