Shining the Limelight on Mental Health

spotlight shining on an empty chair in a dark room symolizing the lack of discussion on mental health

Shining the Limelight on Mental Health

Shining the Limelight on Mental Health

Catherine zeta-jones bipolar treatment
Mental Health Matters

Academy Award winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is known for her films and gracing the red carpet. In 2011, she checked into a mental health facility to treat her bipolar II disorder. This brought the issue of mental health to the limelight. This week, the actress entered treatment again for medication maintenance and stabilization for her disorder.

In an interview, Zeta-Jones shared that there’s no shame in seeking treatment for bipolar nor should someone struggle with mental health issues privately. She hopes that her openness about her mental health disorder and seeking treatment for it helps others struggling with similar issues.

May Brings More than May Flowers

Her courage to seek help for bipolar disorder comes at a perfect time because May is Mental Health Month. Since 1949, this month is dedicated to encouraging people to educate themselves about mental health disorders and the importance of seeking treatment.

Mental Health America provides daily tips to improve mental wellness. Around the country, there will be events to promote education and screenings.

Treating Mental Illness

It’s difficult to live with an untreated mental health issue. As your mental health declines, so does your quality of life. An untreated mental health disorder negatively affects your life and can lead to more problems like substance abuse, legal issues and strained relationships. It’s important to educate yourself, get screened and seek treatment.

For Catherine Zeta-Jones, struggling in silence was not an option. Her courage to step forward and voluntarily seek help paves the way for others to be open about their mental health issues.

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