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Michigan Addiction Treatment Statistics

According to SAMHSA, there were 65,029 people admitted to drug and alcohol rehabs in 2010, with an increase of several thousand from 2009. Of the 2010 figure, 62.3 % were males and 37.7% were females.  Between 1992 and 2006, drug-only admissions have nearly tripled.

Between 1992 and 2006, drug-only admissions have nearly tripled

Alcohol & Drug Addiction Rehab Admission Statistics for Michigan in 2010

In 2006, the last year of reported data, 539 facilities offered substance abuse treatment. In 2006, Michigan’s unmet treatment needs ranked among the lowest in the country for ages 12-17. According to a 2010 state report, one out of every two admissions to treatment suffered from a mental health disorder.

Alcohol Addiction in Michigan

While general admissions for alcohol addiction reduced slightly, there was an increase in the total amount of alcohol sold to underage drinkers. In 2010, 15.9 % of the total amount of alcohol sold for consumption was sold to teenagers.

26,052 people in 2010 were admitted to alcohol rehab. This number included both groups of alcohol as the primary drug of choice and alcohol combined with a secondary substance.

Of the total number of people admitted for alcohol related addiction, 23.7% of all people admitted in 2010 reported alcohol as a primary addiction; another 17.7% reported using alcohol combined with a secondary substance. Since 2000, 40% of all admissions have reported alcohol as the most frequently abused substance.

Commonly Abused Drugs in Michigan

Heroin, alcohol, and cocaine admissions for addiction treatment decreased in Michigan through the first decade of the twenty-first century, but the number of people suffering from marijuana addiction has continued to climb.

There were 6,064 people admitted to drug rehab in 2009, suffering from a cocaine addiction. Cocaine and crack/cocaine trafficking and abuse remain at high levels within the state of Michigan. Cocaine purity levels range between 40% to 90% and quantities can be purchased in amounts ranging from grams to several kilograms.

Heroin is widely available throughout the Detroit area as well as the more densely populated areas of Michigan. Heroin destined for Michigan continues to originate from different parts of the world such as South America, Mexico and Africa. In 2010, 11,358 people were admitted for heroin addiction treatment.

Michigan’s northern border with Canada is increasingly utilized to transport Canadian indoor-grown marijuana, known as B.C. Bud. This drug has higher tetrahydrcannabinol (THC) content than domestically grown marijuana or Mexican produced marijuana. As a result, the demand for B.C. Bud in Michigan is increasing significantly. In 2010, 11,275 people were admitted for marijuana addiction.

prescription-drugs-thumbnailPrescription Drugs
Prescription drugs continue to be a problem in all states of the nation. Michigan prescription drug abuse statistics state that there were 8,448 people admitted for opiate abuse other than heroin. OxyContin demand is increasing throughout Michigan as is the abuse and diversion of hydrocodone and methadone. Opioids, depressants, stimulants and all classes of prescription drugs are being abused.

Michigan Drug and Alcohol Fatalities, Injuries and Drug Court Statistics

As of 2008, there were 84 drug treatment courts in Michigan with 32 adult drug courts, 23 DWI courts, 15 juvenile drug courts, 11 family dependency courts and 3 tribal healing to wellness courts.

There were 32,409 drug arrests in Michigan during 2006. That number increased to 35,120 drug arrests in 2007. In 2009 there were 38,941 individuals were arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol. Another 19,233 people were arrested for liquor law violations. 246 alcohol impaired driving fatalities occurred in 2009.

1,542 people died in 2007 as a direct result of drug use, more than the number of people who died in motor vehicle accidents or who were killed by firearms in that same year. Unfortunately, there were 41 fatal crashes due to driving under the influence of drugs that same year.

During 2007, the DEA and state and local authorities in Michigan reported 174 methamphetamine laboratory incidents. That figure rose to 679 incidents in 2009.

There were 16,512 arrests for marijuana possession, with an additional 3,000 arrests for the sale of the drug in 2007, the last year of published reports. Marijuana arrests account for 56% of all drug arrests in Michigan in the same year, above the national average.

Michigan ranked within the top 18 states for more death related to drugs than motor vehicle accidents.

Michigan Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources

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