A Typical Day for Patients at Drug Recovery Centers

A Typical Day for Patients at Drug Recovery Centers

A Typical Day for Patients at Drug Recovery Centers

three woman attending drug recovery centersMany prospective patients eager to begin their journey to sobriety worry about what drug rehab will be like. While drug recovery centers can vary, they usually revolve around structure. This helps patients develop new and healthier routines for life. By taking a look at a typical day in a drug recovery center, prospective patients can better understand what to expect from residential programs.

Wake Up and Breakfast

Patients in drug recovery programs do best in structured environments. For that reason, many centers have a standard time to wake up everyday. This is usually also when programs conduct vitals and conduct a basic physical and medical check in. After some personal time to get ready, patients frequently share breakfast in a cafeteria or restaurant-style dining area.

Personal Activity Time

A typical day in a treatment center might begin by offering patients some personal activity time in the mornings. This could be used to take a walk, hit the gym, participate in a meditation class or sip coffee while reading a book.

Group Therapy Sessions

A staple of many drug recovery programs is group therapy. This might consist of sharing experiences or participating in a team building exercise to help patients learn more about others’ experiences.

Communal Lunch Hour

Meals are shared in many drug recovery centers, and lunch is no exception. In rehab centers where nutrition in a focus, lunch might consist of a salad filled with local produce, roasted vegetables with chicken or a cheese-filled quesadilla.

Individual Treatment or Therapy

After lunch, patients might participate in individual treatment. This is often the backbone of rehab, and the type of treatment each day will depend on the individual needs of the patient. Some of the potential one-on-one treatment options might include:

  • Mental health care as part of dual diagnosis treatment
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Massage therapy

Organized Group Activity

As the day draws to a close, patients in drug recovery programs might participate in an organized group activity. On a typical day, this might be a group hike, a musical therapy class or a yoga class. Lectures or seminars are also possible, as are supervised group outings.

Dinner and 12-Step Meeting

A final communal meal usually rounds out the day in addiction recovery. Over dinner, patients can discuss their day with their peers, share personal stories and develop their social skills in a productive, meaningful way. Many rehab programs offer 12-step meetings in the evenings. These are a good way to reflect on progress and discuss any cravings or setbacks in a safe setting. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, attending 12-step meetings benefits recovery.

Don’t be intimidated by drug recovery centers. Clear schedules and individualized treatment ensures that patients get the care and help they need. Contact Recovery Connection at 866-812-8231 for more information on finding the right center for your personal recovery.