Find the Best Women’s Drug Rehab Program

Find the Best Women’s Drug Rehab Program

Finding the best women’s drug rehab program can be crucial for some patients in their fight against addiction. These types of programs offer treatment specifically directed toward women (and including only women as patients). Since addiction is recognized as a mental disease, substance abuse is nearly always connected to other issues, such as trauma or relationship problems. Tackling substance abuse is the first step in cultivating a healthy lifestyle and healing any past trauma.

Recovery Connection is a hub for patients seeking addiction recovery. Often those struggling with addiction don’t know where to turn and are looking for both treatment and information. We are an effective resource for connecting patients with treatment providers. Patients in Florida may be looking for the comfort of a local women’s drug rehab program, while those outside the state might welcome the warm, serene climate to aid in their recovery.

Women’s Drug Rehab Program For Heroin Addiction

Treating addiction in women requires a unique approach. Many women turn to drugs such as heroin after traumatic events. Research shows that up 70% of women seeking treatment after falling victim to addiction, have a history of being abused. The key to a women’s drug rehab program is making patients feel safe as they work through their addiction and the issues surrounding it. This is an important factor, as women tend to leave treatment much earlier than men do.

Women may have a more difficult time with addiction to heroin as they have lower tolerance and become addicted to the drug quicker than men. They are also likely to get sicker than men (while abusing the drug and in withdrawal). Women may not have family support during treatment, especially if they have come from an abusive situation. They may also fear losing their children because of their addiction. An intensive outpatient program can help women get the help they need, while also allowing them to be with their families.

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

With high-quality women’s addiction programs, the focus is on helping patients gain self-esteem as well as a support system to help them stay in the program and get the care they need. Drug and alcohol rehab programs for women give patients the chance to explore gender-related issues with other women, whether in group or individual therapy. Coed services are available, but sensitive issues are kept within gender confines. Women in the programs get the opportunity to bond with other women dealing with similar issues and circumstances.

Some possible treatments in these programs include trauma therapy, dual-diagnosis treatment, drug detox, and various specialty treatment programs. Effective programs can also address concerns such as spirituality and aftercare to help long-term sobriety.

Young Adult Drug Rehab Program

Young adult women who suffer from drug addiction can be subject to permanent changes to their brains. Teens may be vulnerable to drug use when in negative family situations or school environments. Treatment programs may need to address issues such as depression, low self-esteem, negative personal situations and more. In a teen-specific program, patients can interact with peers who are facing the same issues.

Insurance Supports Women’s Drug Rehab Program

Because addiction is recognized as a disease by the Affordable Care Act, most medical insurance companies such as Aetna and Humana must offer some coverage for addiction treatment. Those seeking treatment for addiction are often afraid of the costs and may not know that medical insurance does cover at least part of the treatment cost. Call Recovery Connection today at 866-812-8231 to find out more about treatment programs and what may be covered.