Glossary Of Addiction Counseling Terms

Recovery Connection is dedicated to providing its readers with as much information as possible about addiction, treatment and recovery. To do that, we have cataloged terms into four glossaries – an addiction term glossary, a health insurance term glossary, a treatment term glossary, and a recovery term glossary. If you are looking for the meaning of the term fetal alcohol syndrome, inpatient treatment, or even the 12 Steps, you will find these and more among the four glossaries. They contain the most common terms you will read or hear.

Addiction Glossary

This list of addiction terms is concise, but it can provide you with an introduction to the most common terms related to using drugs and alcohol.

Health Insurance Glossary

If you or someone you know is seeking substance abuse rehabilitation, it is important to understand the different classifications and categories that insurance companies use to discuss addiction treatment. Whether the term is intensive inpatient treatment or detoxification level of care, you can find it here. The more you understand health insurance terms, the better your ability to make the right decision involving addiction treatment.

Recovery Glossary

There are so many terms related to recovery and the language of recovery that this list should be of great help. Understanding the context of these terms can help you understand the meaning of recovery to an addict.

Treatment Glossary

While some of the terms used in the treatment glossary could be used in the health insurance term glossary, they are more closely related to treatment. These phrases, such as cognitive functioning or chemical abuse, can help you understand the context of treatment.