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man clenching bottle with his hand down on a desk

When Your Partner is an Alcoholic

When you’ve known your partner to be someone who enjoys a few drinks now ...

people in group therapy discussing intervention strategies

What Are Some Successful Intervention Strategies?

Although addiction is a complex and chronic disease, treatment is available. Despite their circumstances ...

What Does It Cost to Be a Drug Addict?

Drug addiction is one of the most expensive lifestyles on the planet. Many drug ...

How Does Meth Affect Relationships?

Crystal methamphetamine often referred to in short-form as “meth”, is a very destructive drug ...

How can you tell if someone is doing heroin?

Heroin is a very dangerous drug. Not only is heroin extremely addictive, it can ...

A man holds his wife's hand during an intervention for her alcoholism

How do you do an intervention for an alcoholic?

You’re worried nonstop. In fact, you’ve been worried for a very long time now. ...

A young woman gives her drug addicted husband an ultimatum

How do i stop enabling a drug addict?

Does this scenario feel familiar? Someone you love has a drug addiction. You’ve tried ...

Young man, high on meth, leaning on a wall

How addictive is methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine is one of the most popular street drugs. Unfortunately, it’s also one of ...

Drug addicted man thinking on a train ride

How does a drug addict think differently than a non-addict?

For someone who has never had a serious drug problem, it can be dubious ...