Why “Everything in Moderation” Is Still, Sometimes Too Much
November 13, 2017

Why “Everything in Moderation” Is Still, Sometimes Too Much   You have likely heard the phrase, “everything in moderation” many times. Usually uttered while someone is indulging in sweets or a glass of wine, the phrase seems a handy rule to keep one from overindulging. But, it acts more like an excuse for a lot…

Change the Viewing, Change the Doing – Meditation as a Fear Conqueror
October 30, 2017

Change the Viewing, Change the Doing   On a daily basis our society requires us to operate within a great amount of tunnel vision through activities such as driving, reading, and the ubiquitous use of electronics. Focusing with our eyes directs energy. In tunnel vision everything is focused with visual emphasis, no other senses are…

The Scariest Things About Sobriety – 6 Fears & How to Beat Them
October 17, 2017

THE SCARIEST THINGS ABOUT SOBRIETY   With Halloween approaching, many people are looking forward to a few scares.   Right now, are you looking forward to personal life changes that are strong and positive—yet scary?   When you’re fresh out of detox, the prospect of lasting sobriety can look terrifying.   Will you be able…

Four Myths of Meditation
October 3, 2017

Four Myths of Meditation A fascination with, and exploration of, the spiritual-self is a common thread, binding all cultures of the world, traversing space and time. We can see it in the centuries-old use of ayahuasca in the Incan cultures of the Amazon Basin. We can imagine it in the spiritual drive that resulted in…

Empowering Women to Recover
September 20, 2017

Women Empowerment in Recovery When clinicians are trying to help women to change, grow, and heal from addictions, it is critical that they place women in environments in which they can experience mutual, empathetic, healthy relationships with their counselors and with one another. Quote: Stephanie Covington Barriers To Treatment For Women Many treatment centers claim…

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What is EMDR?
September 1, 2017

What is EMDR?   EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a method for helping the brain resolve inner conflict.   What does this mean for a potential client?   Your brain can resolve inner conflict!   Most clients come into my office hoping to resolve some emotion or behavior that is blocking them from…

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Coping with End-of-Summer Transitions
August 14, 2017

Coping with End-of-Summer Transitions Stress is a major factor in most cases of addiction relapse. Life transitions are by definition stressful. So it follows that anyone in recovery, and especially in the early stages, does well to approach transition periods with extra caution.   That also applies to “regular” transition periods such as the end…

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Alcohol Facts: The Blackout
July 31, 2017

What Really Happens to Your Brain When You Blackout from Alcohol You jolt awake and realize you’re in a strange bed. Who is lying next to you? What is that stain on your shirt? And what, in the name of all that’s good, is that awful smell?   This intro may remind you of a…

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RECO(very), a new kind of patient care
July 17, 2017

RECO(very), a new kind of patient care   “Coming out of rehab was not the end of the story but the beginning. Getting sober is one thing—I did it hundreds of times—but staying sober is a daily challenge in which there are moments when it comes together and I felt certain I’d done the right…

Drumming Therapy teacher in classroom Just Add Rhythm
Top 3 Proven Benefits of Rhythm in Recovery Settings
July 3, 2017

Top 3 Proven Benefits of Rhythm in Recovery Settings Rhythm – a helpful tool in recovery and mental wellness The scene is similar each time – participants enter a room set up in a circle of chairs, each with a drum in front of it.  Many times, the activity comes as a surprise that the…