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Mark M. Gerges, MD reviews and edits content for RecoveryConnection.com to ensure that we are delivering the most accurate information available in the addiction treatment and recovery space.

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Is Addiction a Disease or a Choice?

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Diseased or degenerate? Perceptions about the nature of substance use disorders hindered treatment for generations by stigmatizing dependency as the product of a weak will. Such perceptions limited availability to treatment. It also made those who were suffering hesitant to come forward until their problem reached crisis proportions. Is addiction a disease or a choice?

Why People Get Addicted To Painkillers

Many don’t understand why people suffer from pain killer addiction. Unfortunately, this can make them unsympathetic to the condition of addiction that creeps up on patients who have legitimate prescriptions for pain. Sadly, many patients who are prescribed painkillers find themselves addicted just like illicit drug users and desperately need help. What is Pain Killer