7 Reasons Why Staying Healthy Is Fun

7 Reasons Why Staying Healthy Is Fun

To many people, with or without substance-abuse struggles, “healthy living” is the lesser of two evils. No one wants the inconvenience and danger of heart trouble; no one aspires to obesity that makes crossing the room exhausting; but when it comes to preventative wellness, we often visualize a life sentence of bland meals and monotonous

Meditation for Addiction Recovery

woman meditating on a cliff overlooking mountains

Before someone begins their journey towards recovery, they are in a dangerous reward-seeking cycle. They use opiates or other substances for the high they provide. When the high wears off, they need to use again. Living life at the baseline becomes intolerable, routine, and, in the case of withdrawal, terribly discomforting. Lasting recovery from substance

5 Steps to Improving Mental Health with Yoga

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Yoga isn’t just a passing trend fueled by branded yoga pants and fitness fashion. In fact, the practice has been passed down through generations for over 5,000 years. Throughout history, yoga has represented many different ideas, beliefs, and practices that often contradict each other but the foundation of physical and spirituality activities for inward and