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James Jones, life coach, financial advisor, and performance driver supplements the knowledge gained on the honor roll at California’s Loyola Marymount University with real-world experience. Working with at risk-youths and dedicating his time to the transient residents of Los Angeles’s infamous Skid Row, James’s writing on addiction and recovery provides the perspective that only someone with this experience can provide. Usually, he can be found among his family at Laguna Seca Raceway filling the time between laps on his computer - sharing the wealth of guidance earned by dedicating his life to helping those who struggle with addiction nationwide.

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Meditation for Addiction Recovery

woman meditating on a cliff overlooking mountains

Before someone begins their journey towards recovery, they are in a dangerous reward-seeking cycle. They use opiates or other substances for the high they provide. When the high wears off, they need to use again. Living life at the baseline becomes intolerable, routine, and, in the case of withdrawal, terribly discomforting. Lasting recovery from substance