Bath Salts Banned Nationwide

Nationwide Ban on Bath Salts

Finally, legislation has been passed banning bath salts nationwide. U.S. Senator Chris Coons states in an ABC news article, “Dangerous drugs like bath salts are terrorizing our communities and destroying lives.  Stricter measures must be taken to stem the growing prevalence of bath salts and other new designer drugs.” The massive attention about bath salt

Toronto Mayor Admits Smoking Crack

Toronto mayor ford crack

Toronto Mayor Admits Smoking Crack After months of denials, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has admitted to smoking crack, in the latest chapter of a saga that puts the city’s residents in a place that seems all too familiar to loved ones of people struggling with alcohol or drugs. In May, staffers from Gawker and the

Breathtaking Facts on Prescription Painkillers

prescription drugs

1.       Prescription painkillers cause more deaths than traffic accidents. People who are prescribed a high dosage of pain medication are at a higher risk of death. In 2008, roughly 37,500 people died from the damage that is caused by long chronic prescription drug abuse. 2.       60% of young adults who abuse prescription drugs tried them

Does Rapid Opiate Detox Work?

  Rapid opiate detox is a relatively new procedure used to help those with serious opiate addictions. Drug detox can be dangerous and painful, both emotionally and physically. If an addict is attempting to detox in the privacy of his or her own home, or the addict is going through outpatient drug detox, the risk

Champion Dopers

Drugs and Olympic Sports

The Olympics offers a vast collection of exciting sports and the most talented athletes on Earth. What you may not know is that there are certain sports in which athletes are notorious for taking substances to boost their performance. Here are the top 10 most drug-fueled sports at the Olympics. The substances taken might surprise

Georgia Bans Synthetic Marijuana

The fight to control and outlaw synthetic marijuana is growing. In another blow to producers of the herbal mixtures (treated with chemicals that mimic the active ingredient THC), Georgia’s governor signed a bill that makes the sale of all synthetic marijuana illegal. Governor Deal is quoted as stating that there has been a dramatic “increase

The Opioid Epidemic & The Fight Against Big Pharma

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On May 9th, Democratic and Republican lawmakers from the House Energy and Commerce Oversight subcommittee grilled pharmaceutical companies over their negligent oversight of opioid distribution in Appalachia. Past and current executives from five prominent pharmaceutical companies answered questions about pill dumping in West Virginia, the state with one of the highest amounts of opioid overdose