Head Shops Sell Pot Legally

Colorado Legalizes Marijuana

Head Shops Sell Pot Legally Colorado and Washington became the first two states to decriminalize the purchase, possession and use of THC. This year voters in both states decided that the positive benefits of legalizing marijuana outweigh the negative ones. The Huffington Post covers this story, highlighting some of the financial benefits and reasons why

Good Samaritans Rock On

Good Samaritans Rock On People in New Jersey don’t have to be afraid of calling 911 to help someone who is overdosing, even if they are using drugs at the time. Last week, Governor Chris Christie signed the Good Samaritan Emergency Response Act. Many families and friends are grateful for the change of heart and

Marijuana on the Go

Marijuana on the Go Vending machines have advanced from dispensing candy, to DVDs to grams of gold. Now in California, you can get marijuana in vending machines. There aren’t many out there but the number of machines is growing. Currently, Los Angeles has at least three medical marijuana dispensaries with vending machines. Easy Access Weed…for

Whitney Houston’s Autopsy Reveals Relapse

Whitney Houston Crack Cocaine Addiction

Whitney Houston’s Autopsy Reveals Relapse We all watched as Oprah Winfrey interviewed Whitney Houston’s family about her struggle with cocaine addiction and the events that led up to her death in February of this year. Statements were made regarding Houston’s ongoing addiction issues with or without Bobby Brown being in the picture. Since Houston’s family

Killing to Save?

alcoholism pine ridge Indians

Killing to Save? What are you willing to do to save a group of people you care for? Using the same poison that is killing your loved ones and shortening the lives of whole generations to fund the solution sounds extreme. For the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, this is a risk they

Zohydro ER: Mixed Messages in FDA Painkiller Advice

Zohydro ER approved FDA

Zohydro ER: Mixed Messages in FDA Painkiller Advice The Food and Drug Administration has made two moves involving hydrocodone that can both help and hinder people addicted to painkillers. On October 24, the FDA recommended changing the restriction level of painkillers like Vicodin and Lortab, which contain the opioid hydrocodone combined with acetaminophen. The next