Putting a New Face on Recovery Connection

Putting a New Face on Recovery Connection

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Putting a New Face on Recovery Connection

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It’s not a competition. This isn’t about the need to sell more of a product than your competitor. Everyone in the addiction recovery field shares the same goal: to help people get clean and sober. Whether it’s at one of our facilities or one better suited for a certain individual, Recovery Connection is designed to help connect people in need of treatment with both the information and resources needed in order to make the best decision on which program is right for them.

Life is all about change, and with that in mind, we recently updated our website to better serve those who are seeking treatment as well as treatment providers so that we can be a place of help, hope, and encouragement for the entire recovery community. Deciding to get clean and sober is the start of a major life change, but we want those who are seeking help to know that they’re not alone and there are people waiting to embrace them with open arms to help guide them through their journey to recovery.

At Recovery Connection, we want to focus on the entire landscape of substance abuse prevention and treatment and so in order to get people the help they need, we invite professional organizations and individuals to partner with us, list their organization, event, or educational opportunity on our site. It’s all about working together to break the addiction cycle and opening doors for those who are in need of life in sobriety.

Much like the enhancement to our restructured site, deciding to get clean and sober is the start of a new enhanced lifestyle. A lifestyle where you’ll no longer feel sick, tired, strung out, burdened, embattled, or guilty. Along this journey, you’ll learn to forgive yourself and understand that you are worth saving and that you have people who love and care about you and want you to get healthy – and it all starts right here.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, Recovery Connection can help. Contact our intake counselors at 866-812-8231 to learn about the options open to you.