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Lori Osachy, MSS, LCSW Lori Osachy, MSS, LCSW

For over twenty years, Lori Osachy has been tirelessly working to free the world from eating disorders and body hatred. She received her undergraduate degree from Cornell University and her Masters degree in social services from Bryn Mawr College of Social Work and Social Research. She has become a nationally recognized authority in her field and has more than 20 years of experience in clinical counseling, research and teaching. Lori is a regular contributor to print news, radio and television, and is a regular mental health consultant to the WJXT Morning Show. Check out all of Lori’s books at her amazon page (https://www.amazon.com/Lori-Osachy-MSS-LCSW/e/B00K6HWO1K) and her website full of additional resources at bodyimagecounseling.com (http://www.bodyimagecounseling.com/)!

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