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Why You Want a Coach – 5-Year Continuum of Care for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

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Alcoholism and drug addiction are chronic and fatal diseases that require a continuum of care to help the client fully recover physically, mentally and emotionally, behaviorally and spiritually. It is a common myth that detox alone, or, detox and a 30-day inpatient treatment stay sufficiently rehabilitates the client to never drink or use again. In

Don’t Fool Yourself: What 6 Classic Pranks Teach Us About Rationalization

Did you fall for any April Fool jokes this weekend? You may dislike being the butt of a prank, but most of them are harmless enough. That can’t be said of the rationalizations people use to “fool” themselves into starting or returning to, harmful drugs. Often, as with the classic prank, the trap is extremely

A Mindful Sobriety

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In recent decades, mindfulness and meditation have become popular catch-words, described as the newest pathway to healing in everything from professional journals to pop psychology columns in fashion magazines. The concept of present-centered awareness, though a component of most ancient philosophies and religions, seems to be a experiencing a heroic comeback. Why now? Is it

Born Alcoholic

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Alcoholism is a disease that people can be genetically predisposed to. Research demonstrates that some individuals are more inclined to struggle with this disease than others. Studies show that children of alcoholics have the same brain activity as family members which can put them at higher risk to develop alcoholism later in life. The Texas

Recognizing Teen Drug Use

Recognizing Teen Drug Use Knowing whether or not your teenager is abusing drugs can be difficult. Some key signs that your child is abusing drugs or alcohol are as followed: a)      Are they starting to isolate in their bedroom more? Addiction is a disease where the person who is suffering tends to isolate. They don’t

From the NBA to Drug Rehab

From the NBA to Drug Rehab Chris Herren was a legend in the basketball crazed town Fall River, Massachusetts. Herren was the champion of his high school basketball team and went on to be recruited by the top college basketball programs in the country. He decided to stay in his hometown and attend Boston College