Recognizing Teen Drug Use

Recognizing Teen Drug Use

Recognizing Teen Drug Use

Teen Drug Addiction
Teen Drug Abuse

Knowing whether or not your teenager is abusing drugs can be difficult. Some key signs that your child is abusing drugs or alcohol are as followed:

a)      Are they starting to isolate in their bedroom more? Addiction is a disease where the person who is suffering tends to isolate. They don’t want to be around others because they fear someone may find out that they have a substance abuse addiction. Addicts will avoid people that may confront them about their addiction at all costs.

b)      Mood swings go hand in hand with addiction. One moment an addict will be in a good mood, then with the flip of a switch their mood can turn sour. If you have a teen whose behavior and temperament is more erratic than normal it is possible that they are abusing drugs or alcohol.

c)       Drug   abuse can cause changes in physical appearance. Poor hygiene is also common when it comes to addiction. If you notice your teenager changing their appearance then substance abuse is a possibility.

d)      One of the major signs of addiction is a loss of motivation. If grades are slipping or there is less motivation to work or participate in extracurricular activities, drugs and alcohol may be a factor. Drugs and alcohol can quickly hinder a person’s motivation and interests. Addiction will make one focus all their energy on when and where they will get their next fix.

It is safe to say that if you have suspicions that your teenager is abusing drugs or alcohol you should not ignore the signs. The sooner that teen drug addiction is acknowledged and accepted, the better the chance there is at achieving long-term sobriety.