Is Your Son Seeking Heroin Treatment?

Is Your Son Seeking Heroin Treatment?

Is Your Son Seeking Heroin Treatment?

Young Man Contemplating Seeking Heroin Treatment
Has your son fallen into the dangerous and deadly trap of heroin addiction? Are you interested in seeking heroin treatment for him?

If your child is addicted to heroin, now is the time to act. This extremely addictive opioid painkiller creates a rush of euphoria shortly after it is taken, followed by feelings of relaxation and drowsiness. It brings the heart rate down and projects the illusion that one’s problems have drifted far away. Over time, many individuals develop a tolerance to the drug and abuse it in higher doses in order to achieve the same high.

Heroin abuse causes serious health risks including overdose, infection, and death, regardless if it is smoked, injected, or snorted. It can cause serious damage to the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, and intestines. It steals the health, physical strength, and mental ability of anyone who uses it.

Top-Notch Heroin Treatment is Available with Recovery Connection

Recovery Connection can help you find the ideal heroin treatment program for your son, based on his personal addiction history and any mental disorders he may be suffering from as a result of his abuse. Our well-rounded approach to treatment begins with an exhaustive evaluation performed by a professional psychiatrist, followed by a physical assessment under the care of one of our physicians. We also have family therapists available to offer counseling and advice as well as a nutritionist to help patients establish healthy eating habits.

Detox and Recovery

Self-detox from heroin is painful and oftentimes dangerous, but the treatment centers we work with assist each patient through medically-managed detox while monitoring their progress and overall health to ensure a safe and relatively gentle detoxification process.

Once detox is complete, patients begin their personalized dual diagnosis treatment program based on the severity of their addiction and any possible underlying emotional or psychological issues that could be at the root of their addiction. These programs include one-on-one therapy with one a qualified therapist, as well as group therapy with other recovering addicts. During your son’s time in treatment, he will learn positive and healthy coping skills to prepare him for life post-treatment. Learning to replace his addictive behaviors with healthy activities and coping mechanisms will give him the best chance at successful and lifelong sobriety.

Don’t let the issue of time keep you from seeking help. Because we understand that not everybody can afford to leave their home or job behind, the treatment centers that we work with offer both regimented inpatient drug rehab programs and more flexible outpatient programs. There truly is a program available to accommodate every schedule.

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Heroin addiction is a serious and life-threatening disease that requires immediate and professional help. Let Recovery Connection find addiction treatment that will be most effective at treating your son’s addiction and helping him get back to a life of good health, independence, and potential. Successful long-term sobriety is possible. Let us help him make this life-changing dream a reality. Call us today at 866-812-8231 to take this important first step towards sober living.