Protect Recovery from Addiction during the Holiday Season

group of people standing facing a Christmas tree

Protect Recovery from Addiction during the Holiday Season

The holiday season kicks off this week with Thanksgiving. It is the time of year that many long for as food and drinks are the norm. For people who are in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol the holidays often come with plenty of triggers and pressure. Family, stress, and holiday work parties have all acted as triggers that have led many who were in recovery down the slippery slope of relapse.

The holidays are a time that recovering addicts need to take extreme caution. While the holiday season can quickly get hectic the addict or alcoholic in recovery needs to make sure they find time to keep their recovery a priority.

It is important for recovering addicts and alcoholics to try to keep their daily routine as far as the actions they take for recovery are concerned. Some may say that it is good for an addict in recovery to take even more action to protect their sobriety during the holiday season. Like an insurance policy.

Addicts need to remember that their sobriety is fragile and one wrong move can result in a potentially fatal relapse. The pressure of a company holiday party and the stress of being around family are enough to make anyone crack.

Going to Twelve Step meetings, sober social events and working with others who are in recovery are all healthy ways to help an individual safely get through the holiday season. It may even be necessary to skip a family or work-event if it is creating too much anxiety or stress.

The holiday season is supposed to be a fun and safe time that is enjoyed by all. Be sure to protect your sobriety by taking the necessary actions to prevent relapse.